50 POEMS IN 30 YEARS by John Lilley


50 poems in thirty years of writing, 1984 to the present day 2014. That makes 1 ½ poems a year, to be more exact 1 5/8 or 1.625 which is approaching Phi, the Fibonacci constant,  so from that point of view,  possibly the production of these poems,  in some way,  like beginning publication on the internet may find some success. Some sort of Fibonacci  ruling  is being followed

Apparently some poets do like counting the number of words in each poem to assure of some sort of balance by  alignment with the proportions of the golden Section which, as you would know  if applied to architecture makes our buildings acceptable to look at.  To literary form we could apply the same, should we so choose. though I do not count up words used in a poem  myself there is some sort of balance to be achieved in any assemblage of words to make a poem.


Here  is a definition of a poem.
A poem is

A few words

Sticking together

To make a whole.


Well, maybe,  one or two poems in this volume might attract your interest. Could I ask for more than  that? If only one poem really makes an impression, well even in that, I think that at least I will have acheived something.

Any way 1984 the date from which this cycle of poems begins is not to be compared with the  beginning Of George Orwell’s dour prophesies about a cold impersonal zombie like population, governed by a most impersonal goverment.

For my self, 1984  was a turning point  in that,  that was the year  that I   first came across Stevenson’s book on Reincarnation  which started a shock wave of revelation that built up over  the coming years leading we to see evolution not confined to a Darwinian outlook restricted to seeing evolution in physical terms only,  but that there can be evolution at  mental and spiritual levels within human sensibility.

So the evolutionary process in this book of poems  is an expression of developing to see the  natural world  the result of the creative hand of an all encompssing divine intelligence and that there is a oneness for us to find in life operating throughout all manifestations of the creative life force.

So  and may the Force be with you as they say.

Welcome to this literary work. I Hope you find it enjoyable.




Saying that is enough to provide the reader with the sense that in my poetic expression I have been seeking  to express appreciation of the divine through the natural world and beyond that into a cosmic appreciation of the heavens above,  though I never went as far as using a telescope in that respect I have always found a fascination with the starry heavens though at times I feel it cold and impersonal  and ones’ self  to be insignificant If I can get beyond that feeling one can be more enchanted.

In that early period, I wrote that short poem ‘Sunrise’ which is about an encounter with The Sun early morning in a personal way. Which is to say at that point one could say I had the impression of the Sun watching me or that it observed me. It was one of those poems that did not need any alteration after having been committed to paper.  Though I might go deeper into how the sun  registered with me in earlier years.